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Established in 1994, REVIEW S.A.R.L. is the offspring of over 35 years of experience in the real estate, architecture and trading sectors in which we have accumulated an extensive database of satisfied clientele.

In Beirut alone, we hold over 11,000 listed properties, carry a superior sales record, and have been principle actors in the evolution of Lebanon’s realty industry through our in-depth interaction and strategic observation of the market.

In addition to our real estate services that include consultancy, brokerage, appraisal, marketing and sales services; we also provide our customers with trading representation, architectural, renovation, interior design, project management, procurement, and cost control platforms for projects under construction.

As co-founders of the Real Estate Association of Lebanon (R.E.A.L), REVIEW S.A.R.L. was a key influence in creating the association’s Code of Ethics. Our overall aim was, at the time, and still is to make the real estate trade a perpetually evolving and recognized trade in Lebanon which operates under proper regulatory authority and international standards.

In addition to our main activity, we have launched a new business community project under the name of MyOffice to provide professional and affordable office solutions to a wide scope of individuals, organizations and businesses. Some of the services include the provision of office spaces with full amenities under long-term or short-term leases. In addition, keeping with the international trend, MyOffice also provides virtual office packages to cater to home-based businesses and individuals at a low cost for business activities on-the-go. The added value of the MyOffice venture as a solutions provider is being linked to a global network that extends to 35 countries around the world. As part of a move to show corporate social responsibility, MyOffice will be offering a free virtual package to several university students for the period of one year to support the youth of Lebanon’s society who have bright ideas and ambition for success.
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Last but not least, REVIEW S.A.R.L. recently branded its Architectural division, managed by partner and Interior Designer Maya Al-Amin as “The Difference in The Details”. Within this division, we provide complete architectural, engineering, interior design and design-build services. We work hard to produce an interior design scheme that is both functional and inspirational whilst ensuring that it is commercially viable. We offer a complete range of high end interior design services and decoration of commercial and residential outfits in different communities. Our interior decorators and designers prepare turnkey packages and provide entire project management support, from procurement and budget management to execution. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we are equipped to undertake interior design projects of any size, from small scale remodeling to large-scale renovations, our focus is always on quality. We create timeless interiors, with imaginative use of space, light, color and texture.
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Recently, we have come up with an innovative type of client exclusivity, and look forward to REVIEW S.A.R.L’s affiliation with your valued firm.

Our exclusivity program was created based on the premise of cooperation among professionals in the real estate market. The exclusivity service provides a one stop shop for marketing real estate assets in a timely fashion and across a wider scope. REVIEW S.A.R.L’s Exclusivity Program aims to make certain that assets are circulated among a database of affiliated brokerage and realty firms in addition to taking all the necessary steps to market the product or asset through other suitable channels of media. In essence, the program relieves property owners of the task of repeatedly listing assets and ensures wider exposure in the market. Firms can make use of entering their clients or assets into the program while retaining the standard commission rates charged by the firm.


All offered prices & availabilities might be subject to change without any prior notice; Therefore, REVIEW S.A.R.L. and/or its agents are not responsible for these changes in any way and all provided information and introductions, in terms of projects, companies, names, availabilities and prices are highly confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third party, directly or indirectly, unless through REVIEW S.A.R.L. and/or its agents, their knowledge and full consent. Discretion is a must.


In case REVIEW S.A.R.L. and/or its agents successfully meet any of the below purposes over one or more offered estates/clients, the final and non-negotiable below commission must be remitted to REVIEW S.A.R.L. and/or its agents or whomever the latter appoint:

  1. In case of Sale5%of the final purchase/sale value from each of the buyer and seller apart.
  2. In case of Rent: a revolving 1 monthrent fee, for each up-to 3 contractual years, from each of the tenant and owner apart.
  3. In case of Investment10%of the total investment value from the investor side alone.
  4. In case of Key money5%of the final purchase/sale value from each of the buyer and seller apart.

During our 35 years in the real estate market we have accumulated a client count of over 15,000 individuals and companies combined. Besides a variety of listings for land, apartments, office buildings, and estates for rent and sale we also provide services to cover all investment needs:

Pre sale: To supply clients with investors for new ventures and lowering any risk of investment.

Sales and resale: Sale and resale of any projects/apartments/mortgages to our clients at the best possible rates.

Barter: Facilitating the exchange of real estate assets between clients.

Statistics: Up to date information, as requested by clients, about current market demand, average price per sqm in specified areas, budgets, etc.

Legal: Our legal department handles all advisory needs and contractual forms to ensure that the process of closing deals are smooth and easy for all our clients and our company.

Online appraisal (2012): Free service for property appraisal through our website (Unavailable presently).

Feasibility studies: Conduct extensive feasibility studies by accredited professionals and sworn experts to assist decision-makers in determining whether or not to implement a particular project or simply to buy a property. The feasibility study is based on updated data related to the Lebanese Real Estate market and presents the attractiveness of the project or property based on its return on investment.

Architecture: We provide complete architectural, engineering, interior design and design-build services. We work hard to produce an interior design scheme that is both functional and inspirational whilst ensuring that it is commercially viable.

Trading: Marching with the up-to-date trends of trading, REVIEW S.A.R.L have established multiple useful affiliation plans that shall help our customers reach a variety of useful products online via our business portal.

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